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[578] _Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia_, article on Illuminati.

[579] Feder, a preacher at the Court who had joined the Illuminati.

[580] _Nachtrag von ... Originalschriften_, I. 42.

[581] _Nachtrag von ... Originalschriften_, I. 39, 40.

[582] Ibid., I. 47.

[583] _Originalschriften_, pp. 370, 371.

[584] Ibid., pp. 257, 258.

[585] Given in the cypher of the Illuminati: "Denken sie, meine 18. 10.
5. 21. 12. 6. 8. 17. 4. 13. ist 18. 10. 5. 21. 12. 13. 6. 8. 17. (meine
Schwagerin ist schwanger)." See cypher on p. 1 of _Originalschnften_.

[586] Note, then, that this was no sudden lapse on the part of

[587] _Nachtrag von ... Onginalschrtften_, I. 14-16.

[588] Ibid., I. 21.

[589] Ibid., I. 99.

[590] _Nachtrag von ... Originalschriften_, I. 112.

[591] Author of the very interesting work _La Verite sur les Societes
Secretes en Allemagne_, par un Ancien Illumine (Paris, 1819).

[592] _De l'Influence attribuee aux Philosophes, aux Francs-Macons et
aux Illumines sur la, Revolution de France_, par J.J. Mounier (1822), p.

[593] It has several times been stated that Weishaupt was himself a Jew.
I cannot find the slightest evidence to this effect.

[594] _Originalschriften_, pp. 107-10.

[595] "Foresight indicates," says Falk, "that an end must be made to the
whole of the present scheme of Freemasonry [_dem ganzen jetzigen Schema
der Freimaurerei ein Ende zu machen_]," and he goes on to show that this
must be done by picked men in the secret societies who know the true
secrets of Masonry. This is precisely Weishaupt's idea.

[596] In 1779 Spartacus writes to Marius and Cato suggesting that
instead of Illuminati the Order should be called the "Order of Bees
[Bienenorden oder Bienengesellschaft]," and that all the statutes should
be clothed in this allegory--_Originalschriften_, p. 320.

[597] _Nachtrag von ... Originalschriften_, II. 81.

[598] My italics.

[599] Where are they called this? The Cabala distinctly states that
Israel alone is to possess the future world (Zohar, section Vayschlah,
folio 177b), whilst the Talmud even excludes the lost tribes: "the ten
tribes have no share in the world to come" (Tract Sanhedrim, Rodkinson's
translation, p. 363).

[600] _Memoirs of Moses Mendelssohn_, by M. Samuels, pp. 56, 57 (1827).

[601] Letter to the _Jewish Chronicle_, September 1, 1922, quoting
Henrietta Herz.

[602] Goethe was initiated into Freemasonry on St. John's Eve, 1780.
_The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia_ observes: "There exist two great
classical Masonic writers, Lessing and Goethe." Dr. Stauffer, in _New
England and the Bavarian Illuminati_ (p. 172), points out further that
Goethe's connexion with the Illuminati is fully established by both
Engel (_Geschichte des Illuminatenordens_, pp. 355 and following) and by
Le Forestier (_Les Illumines de Baviere_, pp. 396 and following). It is
possible that _Faust_ may be the history of an initiation by a
disillusioned Illuminatus.

[603] Henri Martin, _Histoire de France_, Vol. XVI. p. 531.

[604] _Historie de la Monarchie prussienne_, V. 73.

[605] _Ars Quatuor Coronatorum_, Vol. XXVI. p. 98.

[606] "Notes on the Rainsford Papers" in _A.Q.C._, Vol. XXVI. p. 111.

[607] _Morning Herald_ for November 2, 1786.

[608] Eckert, _La Franc-Maconnerie dans sa veritable signification_,
Vol. II. p. 92.

[609] _Drei merkwurdige Aussagen_, etc., evidence of Grunberger,
Cosandey, and Renner (Munich, 1786); _Grosse Absichten des Ordens der
Illuminaten_, etc., Ditto, with Utzschneider (Munich, 1786).

[610] Gustave Bord, _La Franc-Maconnerie en France_, etc., p. 351
(1908). This Australian Count is referred to in the correspondence of
the Illuminati more as an agent than as an adept. Thus Weishaupt writes:
"I must attempt to cure him of theosophy and bring him round to our
views" (_Nachtrag von ... Originalschnften_, I. 71); and Philo, before

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