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FilterProxy is a personal filtering proxy. It is unique in that it allows "Modules" to be installed that can perform arbitrary transformations on HTML (or any other mime-type). Currently it filters ads by rewriting HTML, compresses HTML content (for a 5-1 speedup on modems!), and de-animates animated gif's
pure Perl HTTP proxy
This module provide access for Perl scripts to the Proxy Auto Config format from Netscape
Check HTTP proxy servers. It connects to given HTTP proxy servers and tries to retrieve a provided URL through them
Parse Proxy Auto Configuration file to find appropriate proxy for any URL
Create sockets that are tunnels through an HTTP 1.1 proxy
Framework for proxying network connections in many ways
12629 bytes, zip, 18 pages
Net::SC - perl module for create the chain from the SOCKS/HTTP proxies
2951 bytes, zip, 3 pages
SOCKSv4 proxy plugin for IO::Stream
6276 bytes, zip, 12 pages
Provides a way to open a connection to a SOCKS v5 proxy and use the
2824 bytes, 2 pages
Anonymous HTTP proxy (handles http:, gopher:, ftp:), requires LWP 5.04 or later
140747 bytes, zip, 112 pages
CGI script acts as an HTTP or FTP proxy. Through it, you can retrieve any resource that is accessible from the server it runs on.
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A link-checker checks the validity of all HTML links on a Web site. Most can start at one or more "seed" HTML files, and recursively test all URLs found at that site ("recursively" means when it finds an HTML file, it searches that for links, and so on). This program doesn't follow URLs at other sites, but it does check their existence.
610 bytes, 1 page
Simple filter to convert text proxy list in host:port format to IP:port format, uses Net::DNS::Resolver
459 bytes, 1 page non-interactive text proxy lists download script
24747 bytes, 8 pages
Httpproxy is an implementation of HTTP/1.1 proxy from RFC2618. It uses non-blocking select call, so that it's a one process software. It also uses fast passing method to pass message before the message completes to conserve memory and increase the reaction time (time needed for the first byte of message to reach destination). Httpproxy source is also available without comments and debugging statements to conserve memory and increase speed
656 bytes, 1 page
Simple filter to convert text proxy list in IP:port format to host:port format, uses Net::DNS::Resolver
4104 bytes, 2 pages
proxy list in HOST:PORT format multithreaded check using LWP::UserAgent
8936 bytes, 5 pages
Mainly written to bypass hoster's firewall, denied outgoing connections

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