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CallInfo v1.0

phone book with predictive search and flexible Public Database access

try Public Database search without midlet:
phone book with predictive search and flexible Public Database access

New generation Phone Book Java midlet with:

  1. flexible, smart, fast Phone book implementation
  2. predictive Personal Phone Book search during your number typing
  3. fill your Personal Phone Book with data from search in Public Database
  4. build this Public Database with records send/stored by you from Personal Phone Book

Current MIDlet-Version: 1.0


  • Java2ME capable device
  • CLDC-1.1
  • MIDP-2.0
  • minimal memory requirement 256Kb
  • License:

  • Free
  • Download:

  • CallInfo.jad - description
  • CallInfo.jar - binary
  • Support, contact:

  • e-mail
  • Setting up midlet on your device. You can download the applications to your Java enabled device in one of two ways:

    I. Download directly to you device.

    II. Download to your PC and then transfer to your device via cable or infra-red link.

    I. Downloading Directly to the Device


      Setting up the Device
    1. In "Services->Settings" configure your phones wap settings according to the phone manual (make sure the WAP gateway supports SAR - see common problems below )
    2. Create a bookmark that points to "", this is done in "Services->Bookmarks".
    3. Press "Options", then scroll down to "New Bookmark".
    4. Type in the following address: "", and press OK.
    5. Enter the display name for the bookmark, for example: "". Then press OK.

      Using the Service

    6. Click "Services->Bookmarks" and select the bookmark you entered in the previous step.
    7. Press "Options", and then "Go To".
    8. You can now browse the application categories - choose the MIDlet you want to download and click the send key.
    9. You will be prompted with information listing the details of the selected MIDlet, press "Download" to commence the downloading of the MIDlet.

    Common Problems with Nokia Devices

    1. The Nokia devices use SAR (Segmentation And Reassembly) to download the application files from the server to the phone, which means that the wap gateway you are using will need to support this feature for your download to complete. Please contact your operator if you experience any problems while downloading.


      Setting up the Device
    1. Make sure your WAP settings are configured correctly - see device manual for details.
    2. Click Menu, choose "Surf/Fun", click 'Select'.
    3. Choose "Internet", click 'Select'.
    4. Choose "Favorites", click 'Select'.
    5. Choose "New Entry", click 'Select'.
    6. Type in "" in name: and URL "" and click 'Save'.

      Using the Service

    7. Go to the "Favorites" menu and select the bookmark "" and click 'Go To'.
    8. You can now browse the application categories - choose the MIDlet you want to download and click 'Select'.
    9. You are now prompted with the name and size of the MIDlet. Click 'yes' to confirm the download.
    10. You are now prompted for the location where you want to save the MIDlet. Select 'Current Dir' or the directory where you wish to download MIDlet. Then click 'Save'.
    11. Choose a name for the MIDlet and click 'save'.
    12. As the download begins, You will see an estimated time of completion screen.
    13. After the download is complete, you can choose to run the downloaded application directly, or to continue downloading.

    Common Problems with Siemens Devices

    1. The error message "Content Type Not Supported" is displayed. This is likely to mean that your WAP service provider is using a WAP gateway which does not support the required content types. Please try a different WAP service provider or WAP gateway.

    II. Downloading to a PC

    1. Select the MIDlet
    2. To be able to install the application onto your device, you may need both the application (.jar) and the application descriptor (.jad) files. Click on the "Download" link next to these and select 'save to disk' to download the files onto your computer.
    3. Use your device connectivity software to install the downloaded files onto your device using a cable or an infra-red link - see device manual for details.
    4. You can also run the applications using a MIDP emulator, such as the J2ME Wireless Toolkit found on

    If you have any questions regarding using the service, please contact us at